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How to: preparing your skin before our Bridal Makeup session

Photography: Guillermo Navarrete Photography

Dear brides to be; Your wedding day will be one the most beautiful and memorable days in your life; you deserve to get pampered and look your best. I'm extremely happy to be able to be a part of that special day and help you relax and feel beautiful in your own skin. I would like to share a few things you can do previous to our makeup session so that your skin is ready for the makeup application.

One of the key elements in achieving a beautiful makeup application is to have a good skincare routine. It is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated and to wear SPF on a daily basis. Remember, makeup is optional but skincare is mandatory.

Get in the habit of washing your face with a cleanser every morning and every night, and follow by moisturizer. It is not advisable to sleep with your makeup on!

Exfoliation is another important part of the skincare routine. By doing this twice or once a week depending on your skin type, you are removing the dead skin cells and the impurities that accumulate on the skin surface. Use a scrub for your lips as well and follow by a lip balm. (For a more detail info on lip care, see my post from March 3rd, 2017)

The night before the wedding day, you can treat yourself to a face mask at home to hydrate the skin. I particularly love the Dr. Jart 2 steps Rubber Mask line, specially the Firm Lover Rubber Mask or the Hydration Lover Rubber Mask. There are several sheet face masks for hydration as well on a more affordable side. The Tony Moly sheet masks are excellent and also very affordable. Specially if your skin is more on the dry side, this step will help a lot for the day of the makeup application by providing your skin with some extra moisture.

A few hours before the makeup application, you can place some eye patches in your under eyes to help brighten up and look more awake. Personally I love the Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches from Tarte Skincare. It is a one-time use gel under-eye treatment that hydrates, smoothes and helps ameliorate the puffiness of the under eye area. The gel patches are saturated with a coconut oil infused serum and they are also vegan!

Avoid any skin treatments like chemical peels or any agressive facials that can cause you break outs, dryness, or stress your skin days before the wedding. If you wish to do a treatment, schedule it for at least over a week before the makeup session.

Do not squeeze pimples right before the makeup application session. We don't want to put makeup over open skin and risk infections.

Don't forget to get your eyebrows done. Whether you opt for the waxing, threading, or simply just use the tweezers to clean and shape them, make sure do to that 1 or 2 days before the makeup session. This way you can allow for that particular area of skin to completely heal.

Last advice: get a good night's beauty rest :) Most importantly, relax, breathe and enjoy it all! Have fun because believe me, it all goes so fast.

Face masks and under eye patches

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